Export Plating Machine and Barrel (Plating System and Equipment) from Japan
Automatic Plating Equipment
KG Model

Copper, Nickel, Crom, etc
Patent & Practical : pending
Automatic Plating System, Hook Type,with Automatic Removal Type

To be applied after and forward plating and to be applied
several plating system
Hook Type and Transportable System
Patent & Practical: pending
To be applied tin and lead nickel plating and other plating. Patent & Practical: pending
Automatic Plating Equipment, "Side Hang Carry Type"

To be applied precious metals, print board and a part of plating.
The system can be covered completely.
To be applied precious metals plating and other copper, nickel , crome plating system.
To be applied crom and other material plating.
Automatic Plating Equipment, "Gantry Type"

To be applied parallel or series type plating and almite.